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 Advertising and publishing
– together at last.

Unlike other online marketing techniques, our unique Ad-Pub Combo Package allows entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses while earning ad revenue simultaneously. The concept is simple: on the advertising side, you sign up for the campaign of your choice. On the publishing side, we host specialized publisher sites from which you earn attractive advertising commissions.

Get online with the
future of advertising.

One of today’s most successful marketing media is online banner advertising. When compared to more traditional forms of marketing, it is cost-effective, target-specific and geographically independent. Our program offers all the benefits listed above and provides you with an efficient and effective way to increase your revenue.

We take the guesswork out of finding the right places to advertise online. You tell us what you need – then we find it, publish it and track it for you.

Be an attention seeker.

Your website may be currently earning profit and generating traffic, but we have a technique that'll boost your revenue even further.

We understand that your brand is everything to you, and it's taken a lot of dedicated planning and business development to get it to where it is. That's why we're providing an opportunity where you have full control and can monitor your earnings on a constant basis.

Banners Broker is pleased to introduce the new Fast-Start Membership, a quick and easy way to get your Banners Broker account started now, but pay for it later.

The Fast-Start 

Membership works just like the purchase of a regular package but with a few key differences:

  1. Fast-Start Membership allows a package to be acquired without first funding your account
  2. Fast-Start Membership packages are activated at the time of acquisition (and therefore may not be transferred)
  3. Fast-Start Membership packages may only be purchased by affiliates who do not already own an activated package
  4. Sales Credits from the acquisition of a Fast-Start Membership package are not awarded to an affiliates inviter until after the Fast-Start package is paid for
  5. Funds going toward the purchase of a Fast-Start Membership package must come from the funding of an affiliates account (i.e. not Available to Withdraw)
  6. The Fast-Start Membership is only applicable to the purchase of a standard package
  7. Membership Subscriptions are not applied to the account for the first 30 days (think of it as a free month!)
  8. Fast-Start Membership packages have an additional $10 processing fee.

In addition to these differences there are a few rules that are applied to a Fast-Start Membership:

  1. Packages or panels may not be transferred to or from the account, until the package has been paid for
  2. Withdrawals may not be made from the account, until the package has been paid for

There are also a few rules that are applied toward the purchase of a Fast-Start Membership package:

  1. You cannot purchase a Fast-Start Membership package if you have sufficient ad credits in your E-Wallet to purchase that package outright
  2. Any funded money in an affiliates account prior to starting your Fast-Start month will be put toward paying off the acquired package
  3. When a Fast-Start Membership package is acquired, the affiliate has 30 days to fund the remaining balance of the cost of the package
  4. If the affiliate does not pay for their Fast-Start Membership package within 30 days of it's acquisition, the Fast-Start Membership package along with the associated panels will be removed from the affiliate's account. This inventory will not be able to be returned to the affiliate under any circumstances. Any funds that went toward the purchase of the Fast-Start package will be returned to the affiliate's eWallet. The affilates account will be reset to it's original "Free" status.

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